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Zillow OR Redfin?

Zillow OR Redfin? Where Should You Look For Your Homes Value? Neither! Why? Because Zillow and Redfin are virtual platforms that use an algorithm to match stats and neighborhoods. Because they are virtual, they cannot see the updates(or lack of updates) in YOUR home. They simply look at rooms, bathrooms, square feet, lot size etc, and determine where you should stand in comparison to your neighbor. I know this sounds like a total realtor gimmick, but the truth is, artificial intelligence can only go so far. And that’s a good thing! Privacy when you’re determining financial steps is critical, as it gives you the opportunity and ability to make careful and calculated steps. I know when you’re in the depths of mortgage payments, it’s reassuring to see your value climb on Zillow, but just know, algorithms can be finicky and unpredictable. What might have been a climb yesterday is a drop today. Want to know what YOUR value is? Call a licensed professional! They will tour your home, investigate what repairs and modifications you have done, research nearby properties and their amenities, and give you a personalized valuation of your home, so that you can make the best decision for YOU, and not throw spaghetti at the wall hoping a price will stick!

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