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The Stanifer Properties Realty

Buyer Experience


I was so stressed when I bought my first home, because I had no idea what I was doing! And the worst part, I had no idea what to ask to help get me on the right track. My promise to my buyers: I will walk you through each step and give you the tools to keep you in the driver seat. It's so important to me that you feel not only excited about this process, but involved and engaged! It feels so fun looking at living rooms and yards on your favorite home apps, but then all of the sudden we're throwing out numbers and talking about the tough stuff... It's scary! My goal and favorite part of the process is making education FUN!


In an evolving market, it's scary to watch each dollar you have carefully saved disappear! I work closely with my clients to ensure their investment is protected by giving the option of 2 key services paid by ME:

  • Full Home Inspection with Licensed Inspector


  • 1 year Home Warranty after Closing

My buyers have this option to ensure they are making a safe investment, and are not forced to chose between safety and finances because of the added cost these items bring up.


My goal is to educate you with each step, so that no matter what obstacles come up, you feel prepared to move with intention; and not reaction. I provide weekly emails to mark milestones and provide education as we move through each contingency we put in your offer. There will be days when you wonder: why did we get into this!? My hope is that from day one we've started a relationship where you can come to me with these fears and frustrations, and we can talk through them. They're very common! Especially on inspection day, or the final week when we're waiting for final loan approval. Many big milestones with lots of triggers.


Your time is your most precious commodity, and I recognize and respect that with vetted Community Business Partners who can get the job done quickly! Whether repairs are needed after the inspection, and the seller is unwilling to complete these items, or issues come up after closing, the CBP's I have carefully selected will provide quotes and services in a timely manner, and at a cost that won't break the bank!

My guarantee...

Hannah Stanifer

It would be foolish in a continually evolving market to promise I can find a home in any budget, but what I can promise you is my professionalism and hard work. If at any time you are unhappy with my services and want to terminate our contract, I stand by the quality of my work: there is no charge to you to terminate with Stanifer Properties Realty. Any contractual fees involving a seller and earnest money held in escrow are to be carried out by the terms of the contract. All services provided directly by me per this agreement are provided as a courtesy, and done with no strings attached.

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