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Is Renting better than Owning?

Buying - Typical Costs Include:

- As little as 3% Down Payment

(Ask about 0% options: VA, USDA & Zero Down Programs)

- Home Inspection

- Appraisal

- Origination Fee to the Lender

- Escrow Fees

- Prepaids: HOA(if applicable) and Taxes


Renting - Typical Costs Include:

- First/Last Months Rent

- Security Deposit

- Pet Deposit (if applicable)


So wait.... when you see the list side by side, you start to think: why would I get into the hassle of buying? I believe there are 3 key reasons for buying: freedom, equity and stability. Each month, you're paying your landlords mortgage! Each month, you wonder: will the rates go up soon? Will I even get the option to renew my lease? All while knowing: this is someone else's home, I don't get to call the shots. This summer, I've seen incredible WINS for our buyers and I want you to have this opportunity as well!

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