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5 Ways To Send Love From The Grave

As we're going about life, very rarely do we think about life "after us"! Especially as we age and increase in possessions and wealth, it can be scary to think that one day we'll be gone, and our loved ones will be left to deal with our STUFF!

So today: here are 5 things you can be thinking of and working on, to help ease the load on your heirs.

1: Create a will! Whether you have children or not, having a plan in place for your home/property, children, pets, vehicle, jewelry etc is extremally important. This helps family know exactly what your wishes are for these items, and saves time and money in probate court sorting these details out!

2: Begin sorting and filing important documents. Make clear and concise filing systems for home, medical and financial documents, accounts, log in's etc!

3: Shred. You heard me! Get rid of those piles that are filled with valuable account information, but useless or irrelevant. The goal is to create stress free sorting for loved ones in the event of your death.

4: Unsubscribe. This sounds silly, but when my grandfather recently passed away and we needed to find important email information, we had to wade through 12,000 emails! No joke! Begin unsubscribing from emails, magazines, and TV subscriptions you no longer need, like or are interested in. This will save YOU time and money as you go about your daily life, and it will make an easier load for family after you're gone.

5: Secure Passwords. Whether it's an app on your phone, a journal in your safe. Locate in one secure area all passwords, log in info, financial account numbers etc. I don't mean to belabor the point, but you won't be here!

Ask yourself: what do people need to know when I'm gone, and begin a list! That's your marching orders today.

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