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I want to sell. But need money to buy.

As a homeowner in this market, it's exciting to know the equity in your home, and know you have options for profiting from your investment. But when? Many of my clients have stated that they want to sell. But not today! It's scary in this market to know where to go. When to buy. What to expect. I get it! You want something more than what you have, but you're not ready to leave the comfort zone. So what do you do?

  1. Start packing. I know, sounds crazy without a plan, but you'll thank yourself later! First, it gives you a chance to see what you really need. 2nd, it attracts the energy and awareness you need for the next step. Like when you're shopping for that car and suddenly see it everywhere? 3rd, this begins clearing space to work on projects you said you would always do.

  2. Find an agent to represent you where you live, and to connect you with agents in the areas you're considering. Odds are you're looking out of state, and you will need a reputable agent to be on the look out for you. Please. PLEASE. Do not use the out of state listing agent....That's another post!

  3. Prep your home - beyond packing. Here in the NWMLS(Washington State), when placing an offer on a home, contingent on the sale of your current home, you must list your home within 5 business days. That's really fast! It can be incredibly helpful as you begin looking to prepare your home, have the listing photos+drone images+3D walk through done in advance. That way when you place the offer and become consumed with the new home, you're already on track with the home you need to sell.

Be watching for more in this mini series for sellers who will be making contingent offers!

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