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Placing The Best Offer

Placing The Best Offer In a Sellers Market, it can be easy to think that the deck is stacked against you as a buyer. There are 4 key areas I take to heart when writing an offer, no matter the financing, the contingencies needed or how steep our “ask” is. 1. Communication With The Listing Agent: When touring homes, I make every effort to communicate with the agent multiple times throughout the “pre-offer” process. When my name pops up on their phone, I want them to say: it’s Hannah! She does her homework. 2. Warm and Engaging Offer Email: In my emails to the listing agent, I make sure to include all pertinent details: buyer background, lender and their contact info, offer details, gracious confidence in our offer. I demonstrate to the agent: we’ll keep this transaction clipping along, we’re a solid buyer! 3. Lender contact: Whenever I write an offer, I have the lender call the listing agent, introduce our client and discuss their strong financial standing. 4. Pre-approval Letter: Every offer I submit includes the pre-approval letter. Yep, that’s right: I won’t write an offer for you without you first receiving approval from a lender! Surprise Tip! I make sure to call the listing agent one final time after we’ve submitted the offer to make sure they understand why we asked for what we did! Hopefully this sky high view gave you a better understanding of what all goes into the offer process, and how you can stand out against cash buyers.

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