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My best touring tips for active buyers!

My best touring tips for active buyers! #1: Show up early! Right now in this active market, we have between 15 and 30 minutes in the home. When you show up 5 minutes late, that greatly cuts into our allotted time. So show up READY to tour at your scheduled time. #2: Do not schedule more than 4, if at the very MOST 5 homes in a row. It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're touring too many homes in a row. You might be cranky or hungry, and not realizing that you're associating your stress with the home vibe, and possibly missing out on an amazing home. #3: Do not see homes you have bad vibes on! If you pull up to the house and it's a no, MOVE ON! It's a waste of your time and energy in such a hectic market to tour "no's". Stay in the driver seat of this process, and conserve energy! Want to learn more? Send me a DM today!

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