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How To Pass An Appraisal Before You Go On The Market

Real estate right now is flying off the shelf, and it’s easy to think: anything will sell – so I don’t need to do any work! Yes, it will sell, but for top dollar? Probably not. Your buyers home inspector will go through your home with a fine tooth comb looking for issues, and then their lenders appraiser will come in do the same! The buyer wants your home and is willing to look past the issues the inspector brings up, but the appraiser wont. They are there on behalf of the lender to ensure it is an equitable investment, and that there are no health, safety or structural hazards. These items must be repaired prior to close, so that the lender can sign off on the buyers loan. So right now! Go check and make sure these items are covered! - Roof is in decent condition, no leaks, no cracks, no intrusions, no pulling away of the gutters - Siding has no cracks or missing pieces - No broken windows - Sheetrock is fully hung, no exposed studs or wires - Trim is fully installed, no exposed wood - All wood is sealed with stain, paint or sheetrock - Appliances are fully functioning and venting properly Ready to list?!

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