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How to Net Top Dollar in a Sellers Market

In our current market, homes are selling fast and furious! But why do some homes seem to sell faster than others, or for much more than the home right down the street? 1. Photos: Whew! I can't say enough about good photos. Because this is the first impression most buyers have of a home, if they're too dark, or cluttered, or over exposed/elongated, it's very hard for a buyer to embrace the home and want to see it in person. 2. Timing: ideal list days make a big difference when going on the market, and can at times affect the offers received. Listing between Tuesday and Friday can give buyers the opportunity to tour the home around work hours and childcare, discuss options with their lender and real estate agent for a strong offer, and present an offer that can't be topped. 3. Exposure: Is the home listed on the MLS(Multiple Listing Service - The "Market")? Is there a For Sale sign in front of the home? Are their directional arrows(for those hard to find homes!)? Are their flyers in the information box? Is there at least one if not multiple open houses on the weekend the home is live on the market? Each of these items seem small, but go a loooong way in catching the eye of ready and willing buyers! Want to learn more? Call or text today!

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