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5 Things You Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

In this current market, you need a professional who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of your real estate transaction. Here are my 5 top things to look for in an agent representing you! 1: Market Knowledge: Do they know the area? Are they active in this current market as a listing agent or as a buyers agent? 2: Communication: Are they quick to respond, and consistent in their communication? Do they respond in a professional manner? Are they able to communicate effectively and educate you on MLS forms and contracts? 3: Reputation: Are they known in the community to be honest, reliable and trustworthy? Can you find reviews for them online from multiple sources? 4: Tech Savvy: Are they keeping up on current trends and resources? Are they giving you tools that help you as a seller reach your targeted audience? Are they giving you tools as a buyer to find your dream home? 5: Connected: Do they have a list of vetted vendors they regularly work with, and can connect you with? Do they have strong business relationships that you can build off of? I would love an interview for the opportunity to represent you in your homeownership journey!

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